The Laboratoire International Associé INFINIS is coming to an end, however CNRS approved a new Laboratoire International Associé called SINFIN, which is launching on 2019.

The LIA SINFIN, led by Delia Kesner (FR) and Santiago Figueira (AR), has currently 5 teams, each of them managed by two people, one in Argentina and one in France:

Logics and Dynamics of Programming Languages
Beta Ziliani (AR) and Thibaut Balabonski (FR)

Validation and Verification of Concurrent Distributed Systems
Hernan Melgratti (AR) and Constantin Enea (FR)

Randomness and Analysis of Algorithms
Veronica Becher (AR) and Brigitte Vallee (FR)

Theory of Structured Data
Sergio Abriola (AR) and Diego Figueira (FR)

Graph Theory and Combinatorial Optimization
Flavia Bonomo (AR) and Mario Valencia Pabon (FR)