Forthcoming scientific missions

Eda Cesaratto will visit  the University of Caen and IRIF (University of Paris) from September 6 to September 26, 2022,  based on STIC AMSUD project ALEA En AmSud, to work with Brigitte Vallée, Valérie Berthé and Pablo Rotondo. 

Olivier Carton will visit Buenos Aires   from 18 July to August 15,  2022 based on ECOOS-Sud project  to work with Verónica Becher.

Planned scientific meetings

BIRS-IASM Seminar 23w5039: Recursion Theory and its Applications in Advanced Study in Mathematics (IASM) Hangzhou, China, October 15 to October 20, 2023
Organizers: Liang Yu, Verónica Becher, Laurent Bienvenu, Noam Greenberg, Joseph Miller, Manlio Valenti.