A new STIC-AmSud project – 2021-2023

STIC-Amsud project “Qapla’ – Quantum Aspects of Programming Languages”. Director: Alejandro Díaz-Caro (UNQ & ICC (UBA/CONICET)).
Local directors: Gilles Dowek (Inria, LSV. Paris Saclay, France)
Simon Perdrix (CNRS, Loria, France)
Federico Olmedo (UChile, Chile)
Octavio Malherbe (UdelaR, Uruguay).
Period: 2021-2023.

Special Issue of Discrete Applied Mathematics

The volume 281 of Discrete Applied Mathematics, containing a special issue dedicated to LAGOS’17: IX Latin and American Algorithms, Graphs and Optimization Symposium, C.I.R.M., Marseille, France – 2017, has appeared online. It has been edited by Frédérique Bassino, Flavia Bonomo-Braberman, Lionel Pournin, and Mario Valencia-Pabon.

LoReL team starts its weekly seminars

The team, LoReL will start a weekly seminar, and, given the current situation, it will be online, so it is open to everyone who wish to attend.

It starts on June 4 with a talk by Pablo Barenbaum (see details at LoReL webpage). The seminars will be every Thursday at 2pm (Argentina local time). Here is a Google calendar, which currently only have Pablo’s talk until we confirm others.

The topics at LoReL are logics, rewriting, lambda calculus, type theor,y and models, which match some of the topics of the SINFIN’s LDPL team.

Accepted paper at LICS’20

Bartosz Bednarczyk, Stéphane Demri, Raúl Fervari, and Alessio Mansutti. “Modal Logics with Composition on Finite Forests: Expressivity and
Complexity”, accepted at 35th Annual ACM/IEEE Symposium on Logic in Computer Science (LICS 2020).

Nina Pardal defended her PhD Thesis in cotutelle – March 2020

Thesis: “ Structural characterization of some problems on circle
and interval graphs” (Caractérisation structurelle de quelques problèmes dans les graphes de cordes et d’intervalles)
Author: Nina Pardal
Universities: Universidad de Buenos Aires (UBA) & Université Sorbonne Paris Nord (USPN)
Directors:  Guillermo Durán (UBA) and Mario Valencia-Pabon (USPN).
Jury members: Min Chih LIN, Valeria Leone, Christophe Picouleau, Frédérique Bassino, Daniel Perrucci .